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Useful links and updates about Hosur Hosur may get its own airport as Tamil Nadu commissions study  | Deccan Herald Real estate guideline value to be revised – The Hindu

Investing in Real Estate, Best locations in Bangalore

Have you been thinking of Investing in Real Estate Lately? Not sure of the Best locations in Bangalore? Then congratulations!! you are reading the perfect blog to help you make a decision!! According to an article published in Oct 2017 on The Hindu Newspaper (full article:, two among the best locations to invest are North-Bengaluru and East-Bengaluru.  The areas […]

Registration Process Simplified

If you have finalised on a property and if you would be going through the registration process soon, then please read on. Before we understand the registration process, few helpful insights: Who can buy property in India? NRI, a citizen of India residing outside India PIO, Person of Indian Origin who at any time held […]

Know More About Khata and Different Types of Khata

You want to buy a property, but you keep hearing “Khata, E-khata, A-khata and B-khata.”, and you are not sure what exactly it means, read below. Few questions to look into before we understand about khathas: What is a municipality? A Municipality is a district’s local government. There are three levels of government: The Central […]