Know More About Khata and Different Types of Khata

You want to buy a property, but you keep hearing “Khata, E-khata, A-khata and B-khata.”, and you are not sure what exactly it means, read below.

Few questions to look into before we understand about khathas:

What is a municipality?

A Municipality is a district’s local government. There are three levels of government: The Central Government, the State Government, and the District / City Municipality. The District / City Municipality in Bangalore is called the BBMP, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palikhe, that came into existence in 2007.

What are the responsibilities of BBMP?

  • Zoning and building regulations
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Licensing
  • Trade
  • Education
  • Quality of life issues such as lung spaces, water bodies, parks and greenery.

What is the structure and leadership of the BBMP?

BBMP is run by a City council composed of elected representatives, called Corporators, one from each of the wards (localities) of the city.

That is, the City is divided into regions called wards. There are 198 wards in Bengaluru. And each of these wards has a Corporator to represent their region in the BBMP.

To find out the ward number and Corporator of your region, please click here.

Are the Panchayat and BBMP the same thing?

No. BBMP covers most of the urban areas of Bengaluru and is growing in its territory, whereas the Panchayat covers rural areas.

In other words, property under the BBMP gets an A khata, and the property under the Panchayat with a valid approval gets an E khata.

What is the difference between Title Deed and Khata?

Many get confused between these two documents.

A Title Deed is a written contract between the buyer and seller during the transfer of property to prove ownership of the property.

A khata is a document to assess the property for the purpose of paying taxes and to keep records.

Khata literally means an account. It is a document that shows that the property owner has an account with the Municipality to pay taxes. A khata consists of two elements: Khata Certificate and Khata Extract.

Khata Certificate is required for property registration and transfer of property from the owner’s name to another person’s name. To apply for a khata certificate, the owner has to give a letter in this regard along with the latest tax payment receipt along with a standard fee for the property. A khata certificate will enable you to apply for a water connection, electricity connection, bank loan, or acquire a commercial license.

Khata Extract contains details of the property like its size, whether it is used for commercial or residential purposes, the valuation of the property as per the latest assessment. It can be obtained by paying a fee.

How to apply for Khata?

  • Buy a khata application form from the BBMP office.
  • Fill the form along with your property details and latest tax receipts.
  • Submit the form to the Assistant Revenue Officer
  • Time taken is about 5 weeks, to get the Khata either from the BBMP office or the Panchayat office.
  • To know the details of the ARO for your locality, please click here.

Hoping this article will be beneficial to you.

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